UK Fleet Vehicle Security Camera Systems

Managed Fleet Event Reviewing

Vehcam can supply the service to fully manage or the provision for your company to self-manage the review of triggered event files. These event files are triggered by G Force, manual button activation and various other alarm triggers from inside of the vehicle cab area and safety equipment installed onto the vehicle. We have observation headers to cover a large number of behaviours but these can be configured to suit your company needs – anything from theft, personal injury, health and safety to collision files.


Our telematics service allows you direct communication with all of your vehicles. This includes vehicle tracking, trip mapping, sensor alarms and geo-fencing alerts to give you complete control of your entire fleet at any time.


As part of the Managed Fleet Event Reviewing Solution daily reports are generated and issued to each user profile indicating events with observations assigned and also a report notification is dispatched that advises system issues escalated by our review team. We also collate Telematic information and reports which can be exported from our Web Platform. By utilising your unique login you are able to run, print or save locally.

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Requested Video Download

For specific event files that have not been triggered by the action of G Force, manual button activation or any of the other various alarm triggers from inside of the vehicle cab area or the safety equipment installed onto the vehicle we are able to download video events when requested as our camera solution is recording data for the whole time that the system has power.

Real Time Viewing

Vehcam offers an add-on subscription service to utilise our live streaming capabilities via the Vehcam Pulse Management Platform. This allows you to view in real-time on individual/all cameras installed on any of your vehicles. This comes with a range of quality equipment and software to allow connections in even the worst coverage spots.